SmartOne Communications Platform



DMR SmartOne


SmartOne is a comprehensive unified communication platform. It combines a variety of professional functions, such as dispatching, voice recording, AVL and camera monitoring, all with one intelligent interface. Regardless of the radio technology you are using, you can integrate and connect several mobile radio networks at the same time, ensuring you are always in control. Single or multi-client, SmartOne is the ideal choice to deliver unified communications and realize the potential of your radio network.

Comprehensive dispatching solution

SmartOne offers powerful dispatching functions, such as voice calls, GPS positioning services, messaging functions and voice recording. The software can also be expanded by a series of plugins, e.g., for displaying IP-connected CCTV cameras. You may also integrate browser-based web content, such as big data applications or web-based analysis.

Features of Hytera SmartOne

    Individual call, Group call, Emergency call, Priority call, Broadcast call, Network-wide call, Call forwarding, Call waiting list, Include call, Zone interconnection, Subscriber interconnection, DGNA
    GPS positioning, Real-time route on the map, Individual call on the map, DGNA on the map, Geofencing alerting POI (Points Of Interest map marking)
    Ambience listening of radios, Discrete monitoring of radios, Talk into calls, Local voice recording, Local logging
    Activating/deactivating radios, Permanently deactivating radios, E2EE
    Integration of dispatching, voice recording; SDS messages; GPS; CCTV cameras and gateway services in one central application; Connection of TETRA, DMR (conventional and trunked radio) and Analog (MPT1327) mobile radio systems as well as private automatic branch exchanges (PABX) and the public telephone network (PSTN); Interconnecting voice calls or message exchange between different radio technologies using a software gateway; Support of control room work stations using a graphical expansion to several monitors; Flexible integration of web applications using an integrated browser plugin, e.g. for big data applications; Wired or wireless connection to the radio systems; Complete multi-client capability through individualized responsibility and functional areas for every SmartOne client
    Text message Status message Callback message Emergency message Message template E-mail access

Versatile SmartOne functions

The application can be connected in parallel to different mobile radio systems. All call, GPS or message activities are consequently merged in to a single user interface, ideal for large, mixed radio fleet system management.

SmartOne connects subscribers of different mobile radio systems. As the gateway, the application is capable of connecting the on-call groups and individual users from the different systems in common voice calls and text messages.

You can adapt the user interface of every workstation to the individual requirements of the user. SmartOne enables you to create several work areas and customize them further using plugins, images and text. You can intuitively adapt the workstation by simply dragging and dropping content.

Besides the IP-connected network connection, SmartOne can also be used as a radio dispatcher in all radio technologies. This enables you, for example, to use the dispatcher functions in mobile emergency vehicles.

The SmartOne system’s sophisticated system architecture delivers a reliable solution. Utilizing server redundancy, every SmartOne work station can connect with two central servers. If the active server fails, the hot-standby server automatically takes over the service and ensures a continuous operation.

SmartOne can be scaled to different system sizes. This ranges from a single stand-alone solution, in which the software is installed on a single workstation computer, up to a complete client-server architecture with central servers and remote workstations.

The system is designed for multi-client capability. Every SmartOne user can be assigned corresponding radio groups and subscribers. This allocation creates an efficient and sophisticated solution to share responsibility within a dispatch team.