SoundOff Lighting
SoundOff Lighting and Siren Products
Lighting packages tailored to your specific needs, Fire, Police, EMS and DPW.
ICOM IP Radio System
No More FCC Licenses! - ICOM WiFi Radios
The IP100H is a wireless network radio and can move freely within the network. Putting you in control of your system.

Since 1984, Pointon Communications has been providing exceptional customer experiences in two-way radio sales and service. In addition to two-way radio services, we also provide engineering from simple to extended type systems. This includes small business, county-wide, military grade, and emergency management systems.

You are our top priority and the staff at Pointon Communications are committed to helping you even after the purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our equipment or system capabilities, or for product lines not displayed in our online catalog.