EF Johnson

commercial_wizard001001Pointon communications has been a Platinum partner with EF Johnson since 2003. We have been providing quality installation, support, and repair for both System and End-User Equipment.

The New EF Johnson Viking Series Compared

Portable/Mobile Two Way Radios

Our award-winning radios are used throughout the world by military, police, fire, paramedics, and homeland security personnel. We were the first supplier to implement the AMBE+2 vocoder into our radios for superior digital sound. Our radios have remarkable versatility because of their interoperability with Project 25 trunked and conventional modes, APCO 16 Motorola SMARTNET®/SmartZone®, and an upgrade capability for Project 25 Phase 2 TDMA.

EF Johnson End-User Equipment


EF Johnson Stargate Console

EF Johnson Stargate Console

Smarter system design makes EFJohnson’s ATLAS® P25 Systems Solution the most reliable, cost-efficient system available in the communications marketplace. Our patented, distributed architecture eliminates the need for a large, expensive central controller and makes the system resilient enough to withstand multiple points of communication failure without affecting the rest of the system. With plug-and-play deployments capable of supporting hybrid system configurations, ATLAS is a smarter option for users who want to start small and grow as their capacity and budget expands.