VE-PG3 RoIP Gateway



Versatile Radio Over IP Gateway

The VE-PG3 is designed to enhance the communication coverage of a radio network and the convenience of radio usage by leveraging IP networking technology with ease of implementation. The VE-PG3 has two modes; converter mode and bridge mode. The converter mode converts radio audio into VoIP/analog phone calls and allows interconnection between connected equipment. The bridge mode connects two or more radio sites over an IP network and received radio audio is bridged to opposing radio sites of the network. The bridge mode can connect dispersed radio sites over the network and can provide cross band, cross category communication.

Converter Mode

  • Interconnect between IP phone, analog phone and radio networks
  • Phone calls can be initiated by radio users

Bridge Mode

  • Site-to-site radio communication over and IP network
  • Site-to-multisite radio communication
  • Cross band, cross category connection
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Common Features

  • Optional RC-FS10 software for virtual PC dispatch station
  • Public address, siren, warning light and external equipment connection

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