Eclipse 2 Multi-Mode P25 Repeater



Icom America Systems is pleased to partner with RF Technologies, a radio company with a long, reliable history of public safety radio and well-versed in everything P25. The Eclipse2 offers the latest P25 has to offer, matches it with impressive analog performance, and does it all with a broad coverage range. Eclipse2 offers an affordable, real-world solution to today’s radio interoperability needs.

Broadband coverage, 256 channels

Get full VHF (136-174 MHz) and UHF (400 – 520 MHz) coverage alone with plenty of channels, each identifiable by own name, TX/RX frequency, and profile.

No in-field tuning or aligning: IP Remote upgrade path

The TX and RX module is pre-tuned for the whole frequency range, and level adjustment of the signal path is done via software. Local or remote, optimize without having to physically go to the site.

P25/Analog Voting over IP

An industry first! No extra controllers required makes for easy configuration.

Analog/digital auto sense

Migrate into digital as your agency’s capabilities and budget allows.

Create your own signal maps

Get full VHF coverage (136 – 174 MHz) without tuning or aligning.

Modes of operation

Migrate from analog to digital at your own pace with this agile base station + repeater:

  • Analog Base
  • Analog repeater
  • Analog Voting over IP
  • Analog Multi-site
  • P25 Repeater
  • P25 Voting over IP

IP Commander functionality

IP Commander offers drag and drop editing, allowing for an intuitive end user experience. By clicking the apply button the features are enabled. Configurations can be saved to a file so that standard configurations can be easily programmed or sent to remote offices to ensure standardization. Flexible channel program enables multiple profiles to be stored and recalled by scrolling down the list. The trace menu allows capture of base station activity in text form which can be forwarded to RFT for advance diagnostics.

Additional Features

  • Remote dianostics over Ethernet
  • Radio over IP (VoIP)
  • InBase voting over IP
  • (No Centreal Comparator required)
  • TIA APCO P25 AFSI/DFSI compliant
  • Snmp and syslog functionality
  • P25 advanced conventional
  • Software upgradeable
  • Analog and P25 auto detect
  • Field proven robust hardware
  • Full duplex base station or repeater
  • Software upgradable to P25
  • dPMR/DMR software ready
  • Local voice reporting
  • Individual channel profiles
  • In base voting over IP network
  • Smart signal and noise detection
  • Self calibration in real time
  • External reference input for simulcast/paging
  • Remotely configurable via IP
  • Front panel mounted USB programming socket
  • Flash firmwaqre upgrade capable
  • Remote IP firmware rollback safewguard facility
  • Remote alarm logging using RFC 3164 protocol
  • Broadband high efficiency LDMOS PA module
  • RX and TX switching BW covers full sub band
  • Cross band capabilities
  • Low RFI and EMI emission design
  • Low current consumption with full operating system
  • Latest technology, full SMD
  • Advanced and optimized RF design
  • Fast and simple disassembly for service
  • Minimal technician adjustments for future maintenance
  • Built on proven technology
  • Virtual elimination of internal wiring
  • 100% duty cycle